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What We Do
How Opsy works

Integration of many systems into Opsy, means onboarding and terminating users, to safely configuring network devices, to troubleshooting VPN tunnels with vendors etc. A push of a button and what used to take hours now takes minutes.


The comprehensive dashboard integrates with the programs your business uses on a daily basis. A simple user interface that allows your team to address issues quickly and move on to focusing on what matter most to your business.


Opsy comes with role based access control, audit logging and 2-factor authentication with industry leading vendors as standard. Opsy uses the highest and current standards to ensure end-to-end encryption

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Our Story
Our decades of experience in IT consulting led us to develop opsy after recognizing a massive problem with the way basic IT functions are executed – they take too long! Not only that, but we were constantly scratching our heads wondering why the most menial IT tickets were taking up time from the most valuable IT resources. We set out to create an IT management platform that helps companies save money and time by streamlining their IT.

Our Vision

A powerful, simple way to execute the IT functions that enable organizations around the world to run smoothly. We believe that regardless of size, all companies need an IT solution that empowers their employees to focus on the work that supports their mission and impacts the bottom line.

Our Technology

We integrate with the systems your business relies on every day. opsy is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. Our API based integrations make connecting to platforms like Office 365, G-suite, Cisco, and JIRA seamless.

Our service
All-In-One Dashboard

Easily navigate through opsy’s dashboard to quickly spin up containers and execute basic IT functions.

Fully Integrated

Our customers rely on multiple on-premise and cloud-based solutions to run their businesses.

Self-Service Onboarding

We designed opsy to be fast and simple to use.

Audit Logging

Keep track of everything that happening across IT with our detailed audit logging function.

Track Employee Productivity

You want your best employees doing their best work.

Database Management

Data is messy, cluttered, and disconnected.

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