We received a text from the CTO of a 600 user law firm in NYC to inform us of his amazement and delight at seeing his IT operations level 1 technicians picking up and completing certain Cisco UC MAC work efforts in less than a minute!!!!! We were so excited we decided to make a quick video so you can see how it works for your self.
If that is interesting, contact us to schedule a call with one of our technical sales engineers for a 15 minute demo. Learn the different ways Opsy will help your organization’s IT operation, delivering success in minutes of being deployed. Empower your IT ops teams for true team success. Deliver rapid and error free resolutions to service desk requests and boost end-user/customer satisfaction ratings to new heights.
End User performs own Password Reset in 30 seconds
Opsy – Enabling IT teams to focus on strategic IT which directly improves bottom line for businesses

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